A great piste to test yourself on the right side of the T-bar.


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Panorámica is a piste only for experts, it is marked as you take the T-bar to get here.

At the top of the lift, go to the right hand side and you will find Panorámica.

It is a very wide piste and it has 3 very different parts: At the very beginning it is steep and wide, until halfway down the piste it gets steeper and narrower and at the end of the piste you come to a flat part where you can relax before getting the Zayas T-bar again.

Try to do it all at once, then you will find out if you are really in shape.

If you like short turning and Vedel, you can enjoy going up and down until your legs burn.

It is a very physically demanding piste.

To get the instructors licence, one of the exams is to do this piste all at once within 100 turns.

Try it if you dare- you will find out if your position is a good one. First thing in the morning it can be very icy and may have very hard snow, but when the sun comes out it gets better.

If it is windy, (since it is the highest and most exposed point) it can be very hard to be there - actually it is the first part we close on a very windy day.

From the top of Panorámica and to the right, you will find the path to Laguna Valley, and also half way down you will find Collado Alto which also goes to the Laguna zone It can be crowded in the afternoon, but if you wait to be the last, you can get from the highest point of the resort down to the village and see an amazing sunset. Ramp: 350 m Length: 1116 m Surface: 58011 m2