A nice blue, almost red, piste along the Veleta chairlift.


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Starting from la Peseta or Zorro, you can join this “blue almost red” run that starts parallel to and under the Veleta chairlift.

As you leave the Veleta lift, you take the first slope of Zorro or la Peseta and you will find Peñones just beside the third pylon on your left side.

The first slope of Peñones is quite exigent and it is the probably the steeped piste of this blue zone and even if it is blue, some parts are like light red ones.

Maybe this is the reason why it is not that crowded.

After the first steep part you find a flat part which is perfect for having a rest from the exigence before.

Here you can play with sweeping turns to the next stepped part along a wooded fence.

This run is perfect for intermediates wanting to try out a red one. The run merges with Amapola and many people who are coming from Zorro will cross your way, so pay attention to the 'Despacio' slow down panels. Peñones finishes in the main area, where you can find restaurants, toilets and a control tower.

You can go to the Veleta chairlift up again, have a rest in the restaurant or continue down to the Rio run and to the village. Ramp: 223m Length: 1022 m Surface: 42393 m2