A steep run that mellows out at the lower half of the slope. One of the busiest black slopes of the area.


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When you exit the Rosskirpl lift you can enter the slope on both sides.

On the right hand side you will immediately hit the steeper part of the slope, while on the left hand side the slope starts a little bit more mellow but can be littered with moguls.

For more advanced riders, exit the lift, turn right and stay at the left side of the slope.

This part is mostly left alone by the many people due to the fact that it's also the steepest part of the slope.

The upper part of the slope isn't that wide and can be extremely busy during the early hours.

Because of this, the slope in the afternoon can be a challenging mogul course for the more advanced rider.

Follow the run straight down where it widens, mellows out and connects with the blue 15.

Traverse to the right to go to the Giggijoch Restaurant and the other connecting lifts or follow the black straight to enter the Rosskirpl lift again for an other run or continue your way down to the valley run.