A very long piste along the chair lift.









La Trucha is a very long and it is not a crowded piste.

It is one of the main pistes of the Laguna Valley.

You will find La Trucha just after coming out the Laguna chair lift on the right side.

The first part of this piste is very nice, regular, steep and wide.

It invites you to go fast with big curves, but keep an eye on people coming from the right side from other pistes so you don’t crash with them.

As you continue going down you see that the piste gets narrower and you will find the lake to the left side; the piste bend to your right will stay flat for a while: Time to relax and slow down.

You can find at the borders some jumps you will people merging with the piste from the Collados to the right.

The piste goes on and then it bends to the left and gets very steep again.

This section of the piste is beautiful but usually you will find ice or moguls and it can be crowded.

After this slope, you have only 300 meters before you reach the Laguna chairlift.

Pay attention, this last part is communal with other pistes and there will be people crossing your way.

At the Laguna chair lift you find a kiosk to buy something to drink and toilets.

They are the only ones in this valley and bear in mind these are long pistes! For powder seekers and after a snowfall, this area is a perfect place to mark your tracks, since it’s one of the last areas to be groomed and has many opportunities.

But first, check the avalanche report that you will find up the chair lift. Ramp: 613 m Length: 2277 m Surface: 158405 m2