Great short day hike and ride for intermediate backcountry skiers.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Take the Rochassons chairlift from Plaine Dranse, or the Chaux Fleurie chairlift from Les Lindarets, to reach the northwest ridge of the Chésery.

Climb up the ridge to reach the summit at 2,251m (320m vertical climb).

From the summit you can enjoy a fantastic descent down the south face.

Continue to bear to the skier's right in a southwest direction until you reach the plateau above the Roc des Barmettes.

At this point you will join a natural ramp that gradually narrows and steepens, and eventually brings you on to the blue piste leading from Les Brochaux to Lindarets.

There are often many tracks leading down the ramp from skiers riding the off-piste to this point from Mossettes. You can scope this line and make a good assessment of the conditions on the face from the top of the Brochaux chairlift.

There are often full depth avalanches and large glide cracks at the foot of the south face so be sure that you have chosen the correct time of day and are aware of any obstacles to negotiate once you are at the very bottom section.