Long run from Höhenweg to Davos









FATMAP difficulty grade



From slope nº4 at Parsenn (one below Parsenn Rapid) turn right and start a long traverse where slope nº5 starts or the BMW slalom.

The traverse will keep you on the right side of the creek through a rolling terrain, where you should be really aware of stopping zones.

A fenced artificial lake should be visible at your right- that's going to be your first safe stop.

From here you can ride down close to few avalanche fences on your right- its a long slope.

At this point you can get back to the ski out if you want to.

The route turns to the right just after those fences, straightforward the forest starts and a clear area opens up.

Once at this spot a trail goes to the right.

Follow this forest trail, with a few hairpins until you get to 3 huts on your left.

After this reference if you keep following the trail a little forest area opens up with a lot of pillows to go through.

It's time to start crossing to the left where there is a creek that you should ride parallel to in the forest until you will come out side to side with the lower area of the ski out where the town starts.

It's a great off piste route from alpine to forest areas.