A steep open face to trees, and one of the most aesthetic lines at Copper Mountain.









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This line really stands out from a lot of angles in the Back Bowls.

It's the skyline prow of Tucker Mountain, with nothing but dramatic peaks as a backdrop.

The views alone make it one of the coolest lines at Copper Mountain, but the skiing is also great.

A short bit of uphill from the lift and an intimidating initial drop keep a lot of would-be traffic away, though the top does get wind scoured and skied out.

When the snow is good, though, you can huck it off the top for some Hollywood airtime. Even if the first part isn't stellar, the snow gets better below.

The steep initial pitch feeds into a more mellow and wider section, giving you a chance to relax if your legs are already burning, but it's definitely not over.

Another rollover leads into the trees, where the steepest sections and the best snow awaits, along with plenty more vertical.

When you see a ropeline be sure to cut left, or you'll miss the traverse back to the lift.