A fantastic sunny piste with amazing views of the Eiger.


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Since the construction of the Honegg 6-man chair, the Honegg run has been transformed into a firm favourite amongst visitors to Wengen.

The run sweeps down the whole length of the chairlift and, thanks to a fantastic snowmaking system, the snow issues of old are long gone - but be prepared for some soft snow towards the end of the day if the sun is out. From the top of the Honegg chair the wide run (of at least 15 piste-basher widths) opens up in front of you.

Beware that the first section is steep and can become a bit of a bumpy challenge for intermediates, but once this is negotiated a huge motorway piste opens up ahead of you.

This is great for an early morning blast and offers the perfect opportunity to lay out some big carves.

The run will eventually narrow and flatten, but this hides another steep and challenging section that can become very cut up, especially when it is sunny and warm.

This section should be taken with care by intermediates and is not recommended for beginners - try one of the less steep alternative routes that loop around it (such as piste #12).

Once negotiated however, the run opens up once more and there is a great wide cruise back into the lift station, which passes the ever-popular Arven Gade bar that makes for an excellent pitstop.