Piste with hidden escape









Wether you start the 26 from the top of the Penken Express or the Kombibahn, the run starts off quite gentle.

Soon, however, you will meet a short but very steep section, untill the 26 meets his the 25.

Now the piste widenes, as many skiers join from piste 27 as well.

The 26 continues as a broad slope, which can form quite a challenge for intermediate skiers.

Now the terrrain varies in angles and steepness, and narrows before making a sharp turn to the left.

However, there is a hidden way to skip that nasty bit.

At the far right side of the piste, an easy, small and beautiful mountain road starts, close to a shed.

This is not a piste, it is not marked and seldomly groomed.

But it leads back to the point where the 26 sharply turns to the left.

You need to cross the slope to get back on the track.

After this, the piste continues as a wide path, which, before the final runout, meets piste 27.

Finish is at the bottom of the Kombibahn, an area which is well equiped with restaurants and après ski bars.