Great ski touring on the North side of the Locce Glacier, serious glacial environment, steep and subject to falling seracs and avalanches, only ski in safe snow conditions.


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Great excursion with a wonderful view over the East face of Monte Rosa,This is in a serious glacial environment which is steep and subject to falling seracs and avalanches, to be made only in safe snow conditions.

Starting from the top lift of Belvedere (or from the village of Pecetto if the lift is closed) travel to the glacier on the back of the lift facing South, keep left and cross the moraine of the glacier, along a nice valley in order to arrive at the Zamboni Zappa Hut.

From the hut, travel South along the flat basin of Pedriola, passing under the obvious couloir that goes up to Pizzo Bianco.

Keep travelling up to the end of the moraine of the glacier, North of Locce.

Climbing gradually move to the snowy slope under the Grober NE ridge.

Looking at the glacier on the left you can see a small gully that gives access to the middle of the glacier, this is the "canalino Pisati" which is steep and narrow.

The second part of the glacier gets steeper.

Climb the glacier gradually bending to the right until you reach a rock face where a steep gully (45°) on the right side of a big serac will lead you to the last slope below the hill.

After the last crevasse there is a steep slope (45°) 60 m long, sometimes on ice so better to climb with the crampons, t0 reach the top. Descend on the same route.