Steep lines on alpine terrain









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Pic de Cubil (2470m) has beautiful steep terrain to ride.

Often the snow conditions are very challenging on the north-west face due to strong winds.

From the top of Llac de Cubil or Cubil chairlifts the peak rises up steeply.

The easy way up is to climb the north-west ridge.

The way up is steep so crampons are recommended for icy sections as well as ice axe and other safety equipment for climbing.

Although the way up can be challenging it does not offer any technical challenge beside steepness.

On your way up you will have the north-west face on your left all time so take some time to study the terrain.

This is a very rocky area overall so prior knowledge of conditions is vital.

There are plenty of lines but all are technical because of the terrain and because there is a rocky line on the lower right (when coming down) of the face.

Depending on the snow there are few spots where you can ride in between the rocks but there is a safe way out on the left side.

This lines will finish on the Camí de Pessons piste Be aware of the danger of this line and communicate to the resort because there is a piste just crossing below; all precautions are welcome.