This World Cup slalom run is a steep and quick test.


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Often not opened to the public until after the World Cup slalom in mid-January, this slalom piste is a short, sharp and steep pitch that gives you a real idea of how difficult the international racers have it.

You turn left of the #36 just after going under the Innerwengen chairlift which quickly gives way to the slalom piste.

Generally almost entirely sheet ice due to the comprehensive snowmaking and race course construction techniques, this will be a tough test and is only recommended for advanced skiers who are accomplished in shorter radius turns.

Try and test yourself by doing slalom style turns the whole way down and see how your legs feel.

There is a generally consistent steep pitch and although not very long, it will really test your legs out - especially when attempted at the the end of the day.

The ride back up the Innerwnegen chairlift will be needed to rest your legs!