A short, but undulating, loop walk that takes you around the rugged headland south of Ballstad to Grænvika Bay and up the peak (459 m) of Nonstinden to give excellent views of the surrounding fjords.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



Begin the loop near Ballstad in the car park with views over many rocky little islands littering the bay.  From here the route hugs the coast for approximately 3 km on a rocky path winding its way through the boulders – this can be slow going but the position by the coast makes up for this!  At Grænvika Bay pause and enjoy the views west to Nusfordheia ridge and up Nappstraumen (the strait of water separating the island of Flakstadøya from Vestvågøy) before beginning the steep ascent on a grassy path to the Ballstadheia Plateau.  On gaining the ridge follow a narrow path along to the peak of Nonstinden, the plateau soon opens out on your right.  From the peak you have wonderful views over the surrounding fjords, Ballstad below and the jagged ridge of Munkan ahead.  Descend on an easy to follow, although at times steep, path back to your car.    Parking: From Leknes drive south on the 818 towards Ballstad then continue south to Ballstadlandet.

Before the end of the road (causeway on your left) turn right towards Kraemmervika and park in the gravel car park above Havets Helter restaurant. Although this a short hike you'll experience mountain conditions and weather - remember you're in the Arctic Circle.

Make sure to bring waterproofs, warm layers, hats, gloves, and a buff for warmth.  Stiff-soled walking shoes or boots are recommended along with walking poles to help take the pressure off your knees, these will be especially useful on the steep ascent and descent! Bring plenty of water and food for completing the walk as there is nowhere to restock or fill your water bottle en route.