An easy going loop walk from the beautiful white sand beach at Haukland, over the hill to the fields of Uttakleiv and around the coast to finish where you started.


2 - 3









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Enjoy some rest-bite from the prolonged, steep ascents that are so common in Lofoten on this easy going loop walk from Haukland to Uttakleiv with great views of the Huakland’s white sand beach.  Begin in the car park for Haukland Beach, ascend gradually at first and then a little more steeply until reaching the high point of today’s hike at less than 200 m.  With views over the fields of Uttakleiv, only recently connected to Haukland via the tunnel built only in 1998, descend to walk between its fields.  From the car park in Uttakleiv follow a good track all the way around the headland with wonderful views onto Haukland Beach to arrive where you began.This is an easy going hike so you shouldn't need to pack your bag full if the weather is good.  However, remember the weather here can change in an instant so make sure to bring a small backpack with raingear and a warm layer.  A camera, water and snacks are also recommended. Please see your information pack for a full list of recommended kit.