From Totalphorn (2532m) to Gruobenalp ski out (slope nº16)









FATMAP difficulty grade



Riding down slope nº15 to Parsennhütte there is a little Bar on your right after Meierhoftälli chairlift, just go through and go around the left side of the artificial lake.

From there walk up the west ridge of Totalphorn (2553m).

It is an easy rocky ridge which will take you around 20 to 30 minutes to hike up.

Once on the top turn to your left and look for an entry through the rocky ridge, you will have plenty of options, however there is usually a good entry if you walk further from the peak. The line is pretty easy, first the steep section and then a slightly flatter area to cruise.

Keeping well to the left of blue slope nº15, as it steepens up you traverse slightly leftwards, crossing the top of a wide couloir.

From there another wide big slope opens up with some vegetation.

Stay on the centre or left side of it, because the right side is pretty rocky and often wind affected.

From there you will be able to see Gruobenalp chairlift, restaurant and the ski out in front of you.

Ride till the slope and you can walk up to Gruobenalp (10 min) or ride down Wolfgang.