Austria's steepest slope, the Harakiri.


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With a 78% gradient, the Harakiri is Austria's steepest slope, according to all the information leaflets about Mayrhofen.

But take a look at it yourself.

Ascending on the Knorren lift, you can see up close what is waiting for you.

For those who need to ski this extremely steep and icy slope, the 34 begins very gently.

Once the slope starts running down dramatically, the steepest part is soon to come.

Once you have managed it, do keep control of your speed.

For in the last section, piste 33 unexpectedly crosses the Harakiri.

The finish is at the bottom of the Knorren lift.

If this is your thing, shirts with 'I survived Harakiri' are available at the cash desks of the Penkenbahn.