A great off-piste adventure, but in serious terrain









FATMAP difficulty grade



A fabulous, varied adventure; the skiing is never too hard, but the terrain is complex and serious.

Excellent route finding skills are required to follow the right path, and there are a number of more difficult variants, so be very careful not to blindly follow tracks, as they may lead to extreme terrain.

From the top of the Dôme des Petites Rousses, ski northwards across the summit with the edge to your left, and continue down a gentle slope, which descends into a tiny low-sided valley, heading north-east before turning back towards the north.

When a small bowl opens on your right carry straight on northwards, and make a descending traverse across a fairly gentle slope, gradually turning west as you reach the floor of the small bowl at its base.

From the tiny flat at the base of the bowl continue westwards towards a small knoll directly ahead before the main wall drops away, and ski down a small gully on the right flank of the knoll into a larger bowl backed by cliffs.

Follow the base of the bowl, which funnels into the canyon proper - this is fun and varied skiing, with lots of short sections of varying steepness and aspect, which vary considerably according to snow conditions.

At the bottom it is generally best to bear right and ski down a small valley and its successor to reach the Cascade piste.