Rinerhorn (2528m) to Sertig valley (1750m), a full backcountry experience with resort approach.









FATMAP difficulty grade



From Juonli Tbar hike the N ridge of Rinerhorn (2528m) which will be around 1 to 1.5h.

Mountaineering equipment such as crampons, ice axe and rope is recommended.

Snow conditions my vary on the approach- it can be icy.

Once at the top you can ride the NE or the E face.

The NE face is quite steep with some serious cliffs, the E face has a very smooth slope to a flatter area with some rocky rollers on your right.

Pass by those leaving them on your right and head down to another rolling area which is very ridable.

You should be able to see now a big mountain hut just underneath some cliffs.

Just after that rolling area the slope gets into a creek where the forest begins.

The right entry to the creek its slightly steeper than the left.

Keep riding down in this creek till you get to the valley floor where the forest will open up.

This last area might have slightly denser vegetation.

Once down you should be able to see the Sertig road in the valley.

Cross the stream and walk up to the road to get a ride with the bus back to Davos.