A crucial exposed rising traverse early on, followed by mellow terrain and an amazing 1500m descent


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a great day, but needs to be stable avalanche conditions, as you begin with an exposed rising traverse.

This is to take you around the shoulder of Piz Jenatsch, into the mellow bowl to the E of that peak.

This is one of those days where your choice of ski width may be closely correlated with your feeling of stability - it's not one for the 100mm+ width skis in icy conditions! If it is icy and you feel insecure then it would be wise to crampon the exposed section.

Make that decision before you feel you have to, as transitions to crampons can feel nerve-wracking on steep icy slopes.

Once beyond this shoulder the terrain is very gentle, heading towards the Fuorcla Lawiner, then heading NE on an easy angled bench, to the shoulder SE of Piz Lawiner.

From here you can head N, horizontally, to access an easy bowl or NE gently down towards the Fuorcla Bever and slightly steeper slopes the far side.

It is all down from here, descending into the Val Mulix, all the way to the village of Naz.

There are variations, but the main important thing is to take the wide traverse E, from about 2480m to 2380m, to avoid the large cliff band below.

Once beyond that the terrain is beautiful N facing slopes leading into the valley, with a track leading down to the village.

From Naz you have the choice of a train to Bergün or, if it is in condition, following the toboggan run down to the village.

It is a beautiful remote place, with pretty painted buildings, typical of the area.