Alpine rocky terrain for experienced riders









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the top of Weissfluhgipfel (2844m) follow the Gipfel Nord of slope nº1 towards the last buildings on the top.

From the last building the slope starts riding down.

The slope turns right slightly and there is a little hill on the left, that is where the backcountry door waits for you.

Once on the top, you will have to keep riding down close to the ridge- there is a characteristic saw shape of the mountain we pass these area and keep following the ridge when a little lower pass will show up on the lower left.

That's the corridor entry.

Watch out for a rocky entrance and be aware of the narrow passage in the couloir.

Once beyond there the slope wideness increases and we should ride down straight to the valley.

There is a hill in front with Christenstein peak on the higher left, which will have to hike up.

There is pointy part in the middle of the ridge, that's the easiest way up.

From there we can ride down to slope number 24. Another option for further backcountry adventurers is hike up Christenstein peak and link to the Weissfluhgipfel-Schwendi route.