Combine sweet berms with loose fall line root sections on Ditch Pig.









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Ditch Pig mashes up artfully-constructed berms with steep fall line singletrack descending.

Newer than nearby Angry Midget, Ditch Pig’s trail tread doesn’t feel quite as wide and refined in places… but then in others, the berms lend a manicured feel.

It’s a curious combination that all adds together to create a spectacular mountain bike ride! Where the nearby flow trails of Half Nelson and Full Nelson wind slowly down the mountain, maximizing the descent by running back and forth across the mountain's flanks, Ditch Pig plunges almost straight down the mountainside.

Be prepared for steep (but manageable) pitches that funnel into ledge drops, webs of roots, and chunky rock gardens. The root sections are often laced with loose dirt, creating a sketchy, sliding romp down entertaining webs of wood.

While Ditch Pig is no longer a “loamer,” some sections still feel raw, loose, and rowdy.

If you’re coming to BC to ride tech trails, isn’t that what you’re looking for?! Ditch Pig crosses Angry Midget at one or two points, creating the opportunity to mix and match parts of these two trails together to create unique runs.

If you are uncertain which trail you’re on, just keep heading downhill… you’ll reach the road one way or another!