Chute through the trees located skier's right of Heavenly Basin









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Smoked Salmon is a great line, it is one of the chutes and lines through the trees located off of the Crystal Traverse road.

This line is located skier's right of Dakine and Heavenly Basin, and further along the road but before (to skier's left) of Overbite and Straight Shot.

It shares a similar fall line to Heavenly Basin except it is gladed and does not have the same wide-open bumps.

Instead, it is a fun chute through the trees that begins between the glades up top, dropping down below with multiple line options, the one on skier's left through an area of less trees than the line on the right or straight ahead, which keeps straight down through a cluster of glades.

This is a relatively short line ending at the Blue Line road just above the bump line of Glacier Drive, which leads to Glacier Creek and the base of the Jersey Cream Express and Glacier Express chairlifts.

While it is not as long as Overbite, it is more popular, with a few small-sized cliffs to jump off.

Arguably one of the best lines found off of the Crystal Road traverse below.