An excellent double loop accessible directly from Alice Lake.


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Alice Lake Provincial Park serves as a popular trailhead for mountain biking in Squamish.

In addition to the fantastic trail network, Alice Lake itself is a beautiful spot to hang out and enjoy a day in the mountains.

If you’re coming from out of town, the convenient camping in the provincial park makes this the perfect basecamp for riding without getting in your car. One of the most convenient routes accessible directly from Alice Lake is this double loop consisting of both Rupert and Credit Line.

Starting with a quick climb, riders will soon be at the top of Rupert, ready to drop in and rip! Rupert "offers so many different styles of riding - XC, rock slabs, downhill rips, and some interesting woodwork,” according to [](

The rock slabs offer riders a taste of classic Squamish slab riding, without being absurdly massive or steep.

The woodwork on this trail is especially outstanding, with banked wooden berms, flowy bridges, and built-up wooden features that mesh seamlessly with rock gardens and other technical trail obstacles.  After dumping out of Rupert, follow the green climbing trail back up and around to access Credit Line.

Credit Line is “one of the most popular trails in the Alice Lake area with a mix of downhill and technical climbing,” according to [](

" The trail includes some rock rollers and off-camber lines and finishes on flowy, gradual terrain.” Credit Line’s rooty, rocky lines are indeed off-camber, but they all flow superbly well together, dropping into predictable corners and funneling into the occasional steep rock roller.

While Credit Line is _mostly_ downhill, brace yourself for a steep, punch-in-the-gut climb in the middle of the trail to access the top of another knob and a beautiful vantage point.

Many choose to hike-a-bike this section, although it is pedalable.  After finishing Credit Line, turn right on the lower green trail to return to Alice Lake.

Or, if you’re still feeling energetic, grab another trail and keep on riding!