Cruising descent along the scenic north ridge of the Lizard Bowl









Running along the top of the north ridge of the Lizard Bowl before descending down to the base of the bowl, this run has one of the best views of the Elk Valley! To access it from the top you must take either the Great Bear Express Quad or the Boomerang Triple Chair up and exit on the right side.

If you took the Great Bear up then you will have to ski down to the start of the run via Tower 6 Trail (90).

You can also enter the run at its halfway point at the top of the Haul Back T-Bar.

The run is a groomed cat track that is not incredibly steep yet is narrow.

After descending down to the top of the Haul Back T-Bar the run steers off to the right.

At this point in time the run becomes much wider and the pitch of the steepness mellows out, because of this the difficulty changes from black to blue.

Although the run is not as steep as the first section of the run it is still more challenging than most other blue runs and can get icy by the end of the day.