Endless mountain path with spectacular views over the area









Piste 11 is an interesting one for intermediate skiers who own an effective snowplough steering technique.

They could use this mountain road to skip some of the steepest parts of piste 10, a red slope.

The start of the piste is sometimes hard to find, since many people gather here.

A steep, narrow path leads past the Schneekarh├╝tte restaurant, and shortly continues alongside of the edge of piste 12, a black slope.

Keep left not to miss the track.

The path goes on with some wide turns and joins the 10 every now and then.

In the last section, pay attention to the yellow shield with a black X on it.

It is a warning sign, telling you that there is a dangerous crossing at hand.

Slow down and be careful, beacause you are about to cross the black slope.

At the finish, the 10 joins the 14, a comfortable, wide blue slope.