Nice red piste that connects to the Gaislachkogl Area.









The piste start on top with a challenging steep part.

Because of the location of the slope, this steep part can be covered in moguls by the end of the day.

The first part of the piste is also the most challenging one.

After the first, steep meters continue your way down.

The piste goes up and down for quite a time but flattens out in the second part of the slope where it also opens up a bit.

This red slope can really offer something for everyone.

The intermediate rider will find it challenging enough to perfect he's riding when the more advanced rider can carve and slash his way down the slope and have a blast.

The more freestyle-oriented riders won't be disappointed as well, the slope has plenty of side hits left and right and on the right side you can access some nice, mellow freeride areas.

The lower part of the piste gets pretty narrow again, where it eventually will turn into a trail that heads to the lifts of the Gaislachkogl area.

At the end of the trail you can head up to Gaisclach with the Stabele lift or head back to Giggijoch, when you turn left, enter the Blue 6 and take the Langegg lift on the left hand side.