A must do run at the top of the Rastkogel area.









Piste 67 starts at the top of the Horbergjoch lift and runs to the bottom of the Wanglspitz lift.

At the top, the view over the Horbergtal is magnificent.

The run starts gentle and wide, and as piste 60 separates to the right-hand side, the 67 continues on the left as a narrow path, which is great for skiers who can manage solid snowplough turns.

The path shortly broadens towards the right side, but then continues with a wide turn to the left.

Soon after, the path meets the wide slope of the 67, just below the top of the Wanglspitz lift.

This is a popular section, as everybody entering the Rastkogel area from the direction of the Horberg area will ski this slope.

It is a long, straight run, with a wide view over the Rastkogel area.

Take care not to miss the bottom station of the Wanglspitz lift on your lower, left-hand side: You need to catch it in order to ski back to the Horberg area, or take the 150er Tux lift back down.