Long, mellow blue slope with lots of variety.









When you exit the Heidebahn lift and turn right, you will stumble upon the 3a.

The 3a is a long, traversing blue slope which can offer an alternative for the black slope heading down the east side of the Gaislachkogl area.

The slope starts out quite flat but can be pretty windswept and icy in the beginning meters.

The first part crosses three black slopes while it traverses to the north.

This part is pretty straight forward and always choose the left option of the pistes as the blacks will divert to the right all along the way.

After about a kilometer of straight slope and three blacks crossed, the slope will make a hard right where it joins the Blue 1a.

This is a narrow slope that can be extremely busy so some attention is needed.

The slopes will continue straight until they will be directly above the Gaislachkogl Mittelstation.

Here the slopes will make a long sharp turn to the left and joins the beginning of the Blue 6.