A decent, classic run from top to bottom.









The 77 must be one of the longest and most interesting runs in the entire Zillertal.

Starting from the top of the Eggalm Nord lift, with a great view over the Tux valley, it takes you all the way down to the foot of the mountain.

At the top, this entire slope has a pyramidal shape.

It can be very crowded here, and icy as well.

Continuing on the left side of the slope, the run broadens and shortly splits.

The pistes are wide and wavy and join again, shortly after the Lattenalm lift on the right-hand side.

Entering the forest, the slope remains wide and steep as it runs down in gentle S shapes.

Shortly before the finish at the bottom of the Eggalm Nord lift, you can choose to continue down the blue 77 towards the village of Vorderlanersbach, or to do this epic run once again.