Long backountry route for experienced riders


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FATMAP difficulty grade



From the top of Weissfluhgipfel (2844m) follow the Gipfel Nord of slope nº1 towards the last buildings on the top.

From the last building the slope starts riding down.

The slope turns right lightly and there is a little hill on the left, that is where the backcountry door waits for you.

Once on the top a recognizab a caracteristic mountain saw shape will be standing on the ridge.

Do not ride below, the entry to Weissfluchgipfel NW face is just above.

The entrance is usually very rocky so watch out for the terrain.

From there you should be able to see slope nº24 and Christenstein peak.

Our next point is gonna be up Christenstein peak.

On the way up to the hill and the peak watch out for windy corners and adapt your line.

From the top the next section comes up with a mellow rolling area on the Christenstein peak north face going towards a flaty area at the bottom keep a long traversse on the right in order to keep speed.

The final section is a rolling area where the treeline is visible.

The slope should be visible on the lower right as well its a fun safe area to finish up this long route on higher Schwendi area.