A long, quality cruiser









Blackcomb is known for its long and enjoyable intermediate groomers, and Cruiser is no different.

It is just that, an excellent 'cruiser' run featuring enough steepness to pick up speed and carve turns.

Beginning off of Wishbone, you will see plenty of signage marking this run on your left, and it is likely that the crowds from Wishbone will follow you over there.

Cruiser is popular and has its fair share of crowds as it is one of the better intermediate runs on the lower half of the mountain.

The traffic on this run can create icy sections as well as sections with occasional moguls.

This run is wide open enough that this is not usually a problem and can be enjoyed by many at once.

Cruiser eventually becomes Lower Cruiser, joining up with Merlins and leading to the very bottom of Blackcomb.

If you want to avoid going that low, Cruiser intersects with the Green Line road twice, where you will be able to find your way back to the base of the Excelerator Express.

If it is the end of the day, continue down and link up with Lower Cruiser for your ski out.