Fun challenging black









Eastabout changes character significantly over the course of a season.

In the early season it's a gnarly bump run; the bumps created by the irregular boulders that form the base of the landscape itself.

As the snow fills in (depending on the season), the run mellows out quite a bit.

Definitely one to be wary of if new to black runs.

But for those of you looking for a bit more challenge, and ackup to double blacks, this is a good one to test your black bump skills on.

It joins with Castle at it's base; make sure you carry some speed as there is a (usually) ungroomed very flat track to get you out onto the lower section of Castle.

The trees between Eastabout and Castle are good fun; make sure to scope landings as not every boulder has a great run out off the back of it.

2 of the 5 backcountry gates; North Bowl (2) and Big Pine (3) are off this run.

Bear in mind that if you exit through these gates there are a few provisos the mountain makes.

The gates are classified as double black runs; they are steep, bumpy tree runs that are never groomed and are not patrolled.

You want to ride at least in buddies, with helmets, ideally avalanche gear; transceiver, shovel and probe, and the whole group knowing how to use them.

It being almost entirely wooded, it's best to go with a guide (available from the mountain), so you don't get too lost, or stuck in a flat zone facing a long hike out.