A classic ridge traverse along 2 prominent and famous peaks.


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Possibly the most popular hike above Lake Annecy, the traverse of Monts Veyrier and Baron is a true classic of the region and a "must do" for any keen hiker visiting the region.

The views of Lake Annecy, the town itself and the surrounding mountains make the effort of the hike more than worth it.

Whats more, hiking above the spectacular cliff to the west of the ridge feels wonderfully satisfying because it looks so prominent from Annecy.

Travelling over terrain that looks impressive from the valley is always satisfying, and looking at the mountain from Annecy town at the end of your day, as it catches the evening sun, is a nice feeling. There are numerous variations on the hike so use as much or as little of this information as you need.

Generally the hike begins in Bois Jettaz, which can be reached by foot from Annecy town centre via a pleasant walk along the north shore of the lake. The hike to the 1291 metre summit of Mont Veyrier is quite steep and takes in just under 1000 vertical metres of ascent.

The climb begins with a cobbled path which soon turns into a more traditional forest track, from where the views are largely hidden.

Just when you begin wondering if you'll ever get to see a good vista one appears at c.1150 metres, when you reach the beautifully positioned Col Des Sauts.

From here on the views are wonderful but still take some time to soak in the panorama before continuing to the top of Mont Veyrier and, less a kilometres further along the ridge, Mont Baron. Continue south from Mont Baron and then swing around north-west and follow a long, descending traverse path back to the start point.