Large park, or wide, mellow blue









Take Upper Powderhorn, and cut skiers right to make it to Bashful.

Bashful will take one of two forms; it's either a nice wide run perfect for carving and refining turns (usually in early season).

Or it will be host to the Large park at Sierra.

Usually featuring a 3 kicker line ranging up to about 55 feet depending on the set up.

It also has the longest and most creative freestyle lines on the mountain.

Other than that all the trees around it are fair game, providing you stay safe; ride in pairs at least, with a helmet and a plan.

Look out for tree stumps and undergrowth in early season; a foot of powder can obscure a lot.

Best to wait until it's really filled in.

In the later season, watch out for the natural gullies where the bushes grow as they often bow over and create bubbles of snow that you can sink down into, requiring a struggle to get out of.