Tricky green; often has a halfpipe









Aspen West is the cousin of Aspen, and cambers in toward the natural gully in the middle of the two.

Aspen West is tilted right; the skiers right side is lower than the left.

This, coupled with it being a steeper green (slightly less so than Aspen), makes it a great stepping stone between green and blue runs.

This run has a pipe on it from mid season on average to good snow years, so best avoided if that's not what you're aiming for. For those of you wanting to ride pipe, Sierra usually features a 19 foot Super Pipe, on the narrower side wall to wall than others, and about 150 feet long.

Rock Garden chair is ideal for lapping this! If not, the natural gully can be enticing, but is often not worth the effort as it'll either be to rocky in the early season, or too flat to ride in the powder; you'll just get stuck.