The biggest and baddest jumps on Galbraith!









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Galbraith Mountain gained its international fame thanks to its iconic jump trails, such as Unemployment Line.

But what happens when you’ve mastered Unemployment Line and are looking for a tougher challenge? Well, that’s what WMBC built Mohawk for.

Mohawk now offers the largest jumps on Galbraith Mountain.

It’s clear that the builders employed the latest flow trail construction techniques when building Mohawk.

You’ll find perfectly-manicured tabletops, hips, step-ups, step-downs, and massive berms to keep the flow going.

While anybody can roll down through Mohawk, it takes advanced-level skills to clear these massive jumps.

If your skills surpass the advanced level, even more aggressive lines open up, such as doubling up rollers, or stepping down to transitions far, far below. Next, the route mapped here drops into the Mullet trail.

The jumps and the flow continue, but the trail building is decidedly much more old school on Mullet, with more natural booters and narrow sniper step-downs dominating the track. Further down the mountain, wooden bridges, wall rides, and rock features add welcome diversity to this top-to-bottom run.

How many places can you rip down a mountain and get so many different types of riding all at once?! From the latest jump lines to old school senders, and finally wood and tech… it’s all here.

And you have to ride it.