Build your skills on this mellow, flowy singletrack loop.


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If you needed any more evidence that Galbraith Mountain has a trail for every mountain biker, this delightful beginner loop will end the debate.

The singletrack that comprises this loop provides some of the best beginner mountain biking you'll find anywhere!  The trail grades along this route all mellow and very approachable.

There are very few rocks or roots to overcome… just enough to remind you that you're still mountain biking.

The track swoops and flows over its entire distance, keeping the ride entertaining despite being so smooth.

While you might take that entertaining character for granted, building an easy trail that remains entertaining for both beginners and advanced riders alike is a true art form.

WMBC has accomplished that extraordinary feat in this section of the Galbraith Mountain Trail System. One potential downside to this ride is that it's located primarily in a recent clear cut.

On hot days, the sun heats up the humid PNW air and undergrowth, which can create a steamy ride.

Where the trail does duck into the trees, the relief from the direct sunlight is palpable. The route mapped here is only one recommended loop through Galbraith's beginner zone.

Want a shorter ride? That's easily accomplished with all the shortcut options.

Want to keep on pedaling? Turn this loop into a figure-8, pedal higher up into the trail network, or explore the many branching options off of this main loop. However you choose to pedal them, these delightful, flowy XC trails will reward you!