One of the only intermediate and groomed options available in the Glacier zone, this is an easier option to explore at first and take in the sights.


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Blue Line is an excellent entry point to start exploring the Glacier zone, which features plenty of advanced terrain.

When conditions are stormy, this run is lined with blue markers to aid in visibility and way finding if you are new to this area.

Take a right when exiting the Glacier Express and the markers will help you stay on route from there.

This run is groomed depending on conditions, and can also get icy due to the lack of sun reaching this area, preventing runs like Blue Line from softening up much later than groomers in the 7th Heaven area which are very much more exposed to the sun.

The end of Blue Line will drop you off at Glacier Creek and the bottom of the Jersey Cream and Glacier Express chairs.

Consider this route your introduction to the zone, as you will be able to scope other more advanced lines from the trail.