Off piste under Gratlift









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This off-piste is not really a line because it is close to a piste.

However, if you are looking for powder after a snowfall you will find some under this chair because it is not many peoples' first choice.

This means that sometimes in the afternoon you'll be the first person to ride down the first section. The reasons why it doesn't get tracked very quickly are simple; the Gratlift is one of the slowest/oldest chairs in Sölden and the off-piste is not a spectacular, steep or big mountain line.

Despite these things, you can have a lot of fun there.

Especially if all your favorite off-piste lines of Sölden are already tracked.

On top of Gratlift you'll need to get out on the right side.

Spot your line and the conditions whilst you're on the chair (it is quite slow so you can have time to absorb it all.) If you are into side-hits keep your eyes open as there are a few here.

Depending on the amount of snow, there are two options in the top section; cross under the chair and ride down on the right side of the chair.

There are bigger rocks and cliffs in the face but the off-piste here is not very long and is close to slope.

For the second option you'll need to stay on the left side.

Don’t follow the slope, ride between the rocks that look like a ridge (next to pylon number one).

After that a face with some bigger rocks opens up.

Be careful not to dive into the bowl on the left side. After that you get back on the pistes and after approximately 100 metres they split up again.

Don’t follow the pistes, just ride under the chair off-piste.

It will lead you down to the bottom of Gratlift.

Be wary of the bigger rocks there.

If you continue down, on the right side there is a bigger field with big rocks but normally it doesn't get covered in winter and it's easy to see.

Don’t try to ride through it as it's virtually impossible.