A great run for better intermediates









The Burgstallalmabfahrt (9) is accessible through many lifts, basically from those who bring you to the top of Planai.

The slope starts off from the highest point at 1900m and the beginning is pretty flat and wide, so it is nice to carve.

As you pass the Schladminger Hütte and the gondola top station is falls down more and more.

I would call this middle section of the slope the trickiest part, because it is hanging a bit to the right side and in the early season it can be pretty icy.

The whole run is surrounded by trees and the ending section, as you enter the lower part the slope is very wide.

If you want to check your skills and you are starting to get ready for black runs, this slope is a very good possibility to prove that.

Out of all red slopes on Planai, this is the most challenging one! Beside the groomed run, there are many opportunities to ski into the wood.

You will find enough skied trails or just create your own new line through the trees! The other line 9(a) matches at the end to the main Burgstallalmabfahrt and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the easterly side of the resort.

This run is way shorter, but offers as well it's moderate steepness.

Just keep in mind, if there are bad weather conditions better avoid this lift because the wind is very strong at the top of the mountain and you can expect a lot of fog.