Only intermediate trail available if you are wishing to ski the Blackcomb Glacier. Provides amazing views and easier access to this amazing area.


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The Blackcomb Glacier area is a unique part of either mountain that offers some of the best available skiing in North America.

Most of this terrain is limited to experts only, but if you still want to take in the sights this run is for you.

If you want to view the Gemstone bowls from a safe distance, or scope out your line for later this is also an option.

This road is relatively long and used to only lead to the Excelerator Express, effectively taking you from the high alpine to low mountain.

With the new construction of the Crystal Ridge Express, this run now drops you off at the base of this new lift so you can go up for more! This is also the only available exit from the Blackcomb Glacier area, despite which choice you make on how to get down, you will end up on this road to take you to the end and right back up.

This is one of the longest groomers that offer up the best of views!