The most famous mountain bike trail in the world!


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A-Line needs no introduction.

Not only is it the most famous mountain bike jump run anywhere, but it’s “perhaps the most famous _bike trail_ in the world,” according to [](

That’s _bike trail_ of any type, bar none—a serious, but probably accurate, claim.

This mega jump line drops a steep 1,200 vertical feet, and throughout the entire descent, riders can send it as big as they possibly want on the enormous tabletop jumps.

Between the jumps, massive berms allow riders to maintain their speed—speed which is critical if you have any hope of clearing the gaps.

Thanks to both the fame and the possibility for huge airtime, A-Line is easily one of the most popular trails in the renowned Whistler Bike Park, with conga lines of riders sessioning the hits lap after lap.

"If you’re comfortable in the air hitting some decent jumps, you’ll be tempted to join the legions of addicted locals who have tunnel vision in the Whistler Bike Park and exclusively ride this 1,200 vertical-foot dream track of exquisitely-shaped table after table,” writes Ryan Dunfee of [](

If you watch any one of dozens of videos of pros and locals alike hitting A-Line, you may be led to think the jumps are floaty and forgiving, and that anyone can hit this line if they just go fast enough.

While technically that is true, the largest of the jumps stretch out a monster 40 feet long… and that doesn’t even include the length of the massive landing or takeoff.

While all of these jumps are technically table tops, the takeoffs can still be very lippy, and the knuckle on the landing threatening.

The massive scale of the hits means there are very real consequences for coming up short. While A-Line shouldn’t be taken lightly, for those with both the skills and the balls, the huge tables found in Whistler Bike Park offer a mountain bike experience that's difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

So let go of the brakes and **send it!**