The everyman jump line in the Whistler Bike Park that will keep riders coming back for more!


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While A-Line gets all the hype as Whistler’s iconic jump trail—or, I suppose, Dirt Merchant if you are next-level crazy—Crank It Up serves as the everyman jump line in the park.

Unless you’re sending massive tabletop jumps every damn time you ride your mountain bike, Crank It Up is probably a good choice to hone your jumping skills.

Crank It Up is "a good target to aim for once you’ve become comfortable on some of Whistler’s other tracks," [MBR explains](

"Crank It Up is like a smaller version of Dirt Merchant and A-Line but increases the thrill factor with drops, step-ups and even wallrides of increasing size." While the hits on Crank it Up are much smaller than those on A-Line, that doesn’t mean the flow on this trail has been compromised—not in the least! Ryan Dunfee of [Teton Gravity]( characterizes this trail as "an awesomely fun intermediate trail packed with a range of jumps, hips, wallrides, and small drops that will keep a lot of riders busy for lap after lap.” Between the long lines of tabletops, perfectly-sculpted berms allow the rider to maintain their speed from corner to corner, railing full gas down the mountainside! Unlike the tables on A-Line, the jumps on Crank It Up aren’t nearly as lippy, and the knuckles on the tables aren’t nearly as formidable.

This allows riders to more confidently work on building their pop and fully clearing the top of the table.

Thanks to the long landings on the backsides, riders can continue to progress their jumps, starting by barely clearing the tables and then working to the point where they can land squarely in the landing zone.

For maximum fun with relatively small risk, choose Crank It Up.