Nice slope passing by a many ski Hhuts









Exit the Sepp'n Jet chairlift to your right to get to this busy slope.

Right opposite there is the first hut with a Schirmbar: Gasselhoehhütte, named after the peak you can see looking up.

A bit further down at the left side of the slope there is already the next hut, Reiteralmhütte.

Right underneath you can find the race track - Gul-Schußstrecke(9) - where you can measure your speed.

The slope flattens out and narrows and turns left right before Eiskarhütte, so unless you want to get a drink, take some speed to avoid using your poles.

Be cautious, sometimes there is a bit of a traffic jam in front of the hut, as little children need to walk a bit to be able to ski on. Another slope now merges from the left and you can see the massive Hochalm ski hut with a huge terrace in the middle of the superwide slope.

Pass Hochalm to the right and stay left of the chairlift afterwards you will find yourself on a pleasant slope with mediocre steepness.

You can either get yummy fresh homemade cakes at Panoramastüberl hut right at the bottom station of Sepp'n jet, head back up or continue to ski down towards the valley.