Challenging World Cup Piste.









The slope is definitely a contender for the most challenging slope of Sölden.

You can enter the piste by heading all the way up with the Schwarze Schneide lift, take the Blue 32 and keep left to go back to the middle station of the gondola where you will find the Black 31 on your right hand side.

Or, off course if you can't wait to take on this black hang, get of at the middle station of the Schwarze Schneide Gondola and head left where the slope will start immediately.

The slope is very steep, especially the second part can be quite challenging, so it's highly recommended lto only try this slope when your an advanced rider.

A side from the fact that this World Cup slope is so steep and heavy, it stays almost perfect throughout the entire day.

Not much people dare to take on this master slope, so moguls are rarely found, aswel as heavy ice spots.

But don't be alarmed, if your an advanced rider who knows what he's doing, you will have an awesome time on this beautiful looking slope.

The slope is steep but feels so smooth and relaxed that you will have control all the way to the bottom.

And once you get down, you will want to head back up that mountain and take on this beast once more!