Steady path to start with until you reach the beautiful glacier bowls


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After taking the Yastrebetz Gondola up to the Markudjik Ski Center, you will be met with the integrated but picturesque Musala Pathway through the ski zone.

After you have passed the through the ski zone and have walked the long-stretched track, you'll be amazed at the beautiful sight of one of many glacial lakes at the start of the Rila National Park, but don't worry, as many more are to come on the tiers above! From the Musala hut, situated at the bottom of the many glacial lakes, this is where it will start to get steeper and a little bit rockier.

You will be met with a further two amazing glacial lakes before reaching out of any higher plant life.

There is a mid-point hut right at the bottom of the very last bowl, serving a selection of drinks.

From here there are two options to reach the Musala peak: The first is by a straight accent up the side ridge by the black and yellow poles and the second, slightly more advised option is to take the side trail which traverses across the slope at a more gradual incline.

Once you have reached the top of the Musala peak, you'll be enthralled by the sights of the other mountains in the Rila and other national parks.

If lucky on a clear bluebird day, you may even be able to see the ski slopes of Bansko in the Pirin! There is a scientific research facility and a weather station selling a selection of drinks- hot and cold.

After a long hike, get out your lunch and water and sit down on the west side of the Musala peak and relax, overlooking the peaks of Golyam in the distance.

Remember: - - There are no toilets on the mountain hike and the route for most of it is exposed.

The nearest is the top station of the Yastrebetz Poma Gondola.

- Leave enough time for you to catch the gondola back/check the opening and closing times of the Yastrebetz Gondola back into Borovets: I don't think you would like to add an extra 4 hours to the day you already spent on Musala! It is recommended to get to the Gondola about 10 minutes before it opens and leave a full day to hike the trail.