Mogul run intersecting the Garbanzo lift line, unique fall line


Analysing terrain data

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Seppo's can be accessed via the top of the Garbanzo Express where this route is well signed.

This mogul run is almost the entire length of the Garbanzo Express, linking up with Ptarmigan at the very bottom.

During a storm when the high alpine is closed, this line can provide the next best option for sub-alpine powder skiing on a steep slope that receives a lot less traffic than other chairlifts.

In comparison to the Emerald Express, Garbanzo usually features significantly shorter lines after everyone has uploaded for the day.

With the Whistler Gondola also running to its left, consider giving Seppo's a try during a storm that closes the alpine.

Wind sheltered and free from crowds, you'll be able to score turns the whole long way down!