Long black run with a sometimes groomed very steep pitch at the end









When groomed, Reward gives Tycoon a run for its money on groomed steepness.

From Tycoon, stay straight, left after the first pitch and descend a couple rolls to a wide low angle winding run with pines on the left and aspen trees on the right.

After the trail winds left, the steepest part of Reward begins.

At the top of the rollover, skiers can see the Wasatch Express and Crown Point chairlifts below.

Reward is a black run, as it is not always groomed.

When it is groomed, the lowest section skies like a double blue run, but the fall line can be intimidating to skiers with height anxiety.

Skiers should be comfortable on all double blue terrain.

If ungroomed, the moguls that form at the bottom can be steep and relentless, though smaller due to somewhat regular grooming.