A beautiful traverse over four mountains in the Elbow Valley









FATMAP difficulty grade



You will start down at forgetmenot parking lot and have a bit of time to warm up.

As you run along part of the big elbow loop you will start to climb your first peak Mount Glasgow.

You will gain your elevation here and be rewarded with views.

You will have to navigate a bit here to the peak.

Once on the peak you will see where you need to go next to Mount Cornwall which is a small descent and a small climb back up.

You will not lose that much elevation here but might find some snow even late into the summer.

Outlaw peak is not far and not much effort to get to carrying you on counterclockwise.

You will have to descend Outlaw peak through some large rocks where it puts you at the base of Banded Peak.

Here is the biggest challenge.

Do you just carry on back to the or tag the Banded Peak summit to make it the Elbow 4 peaks.

It is a mental grind to do this and climbing Banded peak over the pancake rocks to just come down can be a harder mentally than physically.

Then its downhill from there and back to the big elbow loop where you will meet up with where you started.