A steep black diamond romp through the Garbanzo Zone, that also accesses the top of the Creekside Gondola.


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**CLOSED SUMMER 2022** The No Joke trail is a steep, challenging tech trail that intermingles with Freight Train—a black diamond jump trail—as it works its way down from the Garbanzo Chairlift to the top of the Creekside Gondola.

Due to the many intersections, it is possible to switch back and forth between Freight Train and No Joke, despite the two trails having radically different ride qualities. No Joke is, indeed, no joke, with tons of rock gardens, steep fall line descents, drops, roots… you name it, you’ll find the gnar on this trail! A few of the sections of trail that cross the ski runs provide stunning views of the surrounding area—a rarity in the lower Fitzsimmons Zone.

Lower down, one short section of No Joke is rated as a blue trail, with a lesser grade and smaller obstacles.

But don’t let the blue section lure you into complacency—it quickly turns back into a black diamond rip! If you want to avoid using Una Moss to access the Creek Zone from the top of the Garbanzo Lift, you can follow No Joke all the way down to the top of the Creekside Gondola.

While this trail is radically more interesting than Una Moss, you need to be prepared for a harrowing black diamond descent!